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Hoover Pole Buildings are frame structures which use pressure-treated post as the prime structual members. These post replace foundations and bear the weight of the building, which is covered with non-leak, high tensile 80,000 P.S.I. steel roofing and siding. These buildings, which can be constructed with or without concrete floors, are built to order at the site and conform to all building codes and regulations.

Hoover Pole Buildings need no concrete foundations or expensive bracing. Erection is simple and quick - reducing job site construction cost.

Flexable and Durable
The roof is completely supported by the post, which ca be placed for specific bay sizes. This permits easy alterations of exterior walls for various door openings. Trusses are used permitting clear span interiors.

Long Lasting
Commercially treated post assure you a permanent building. Designed to withstand attack by termites and decay, our post are Wolmanized CCA treated - which keeps them clean and durable.

Simple, functional design. With clean Wolmanized CCA treated post and a choice of siding colors, Hoover Pole Buildings are both attractive and functional.

Hoover Pole Buildings
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